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    It's been about ~4 years since we first launched this website. The intention back then was to provide a community for Paper Route. It was a place to talk about our passion for music. The Internet is a different place, today. 
    Let's talk about some of the coolest changes coming to PRF:
    1. Making the website more accessible and user-friendly: Gone are the days of accessing websites on a desktop computer. Today, we use our phones, tablets, TVs, virtual reality, holograms, whatever, to consume information. We need to keep up with how you use your devices. PRF is now fully responsive and dynamically changes its shape to fit whatever device you are using. No compromises on functionality, here. Everything you can do on desktop is now available to use on your phone or any other device.
    2. New content and features: In addition to old features being improved and made more accessible, we now have a much improved Media section that includes interviews, PR videos, our videos, and more. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all things Paper Route. You'll see this evolve even more over the coming months. A lot of the changes that have taken place are probably too small for many people to notice or care to read about, but they are improvements that will make our website infinitely more usable and content-rich.
    We're very excited to reopen the website and let you all experience it. This has been a labor of love for us. Paper Route is a band of talented dudes who make great music. We want to help them and their fans as much as possible. We want them to succeed. They have earned it and deserve it. So we created a platform that we think will continue to help them succeed.
    At the same time, art is best experienced with others. We are proud of our Paper Route music collection and we have a feeling you are as well. We want to make it easier for you to share that experience with others.
    We strongly encourage the community to make this website their home. Make yourself comfortable. Share your pictures, videos, and stories. This new website is best experienced when we share and collaborate together.
    Welcome to PaperRouteFans.com and thank you all for your support for Paper Route.
    -Mischa & Dustin
    P.S. We're sorry Nick was not in the video above. He was feeling under the weather, but Edwin Ortiz courageously stepped up to fill Nick's shoes and didn't disappoint.
    We feel it's only fitting to re-open Paper Route Fans with a bang.. or some free, vintage Paper Swag.. (Or both? Yea, both.)   We will be doing giveaways on each of our socials leading up to the release of "Real Emotion" on 9/23, starting with Facebook! These particular shirts are no longer available for purchase, so if you want a piece of PR history...    Your job to enter is to share (Facebook), retweet (Twitter), and/or regram (Instagram).  Simple as that. Our goal here is to spread the Paper Route word and gather more love for our favorite band.   Rules (there aren't many)- -You MUST be following us and Paper Route (which we're, like, 1000% sure you already are?) on whichever social you partake in.
     (All of PRF's and PR's socials are listed to the right of this article, if for some reason you've been living on the moon) -SHARE/REPOST ONLY.. for his particular giveaway, "liking" the post will not count as an entry. -Only one share on each platform is necessary.. multiples will not increase your chances of winning.   A winner will be announced 2 days after each contest is posted. Good luck!   Day 1-2: Facebook Share this post:   Day 3-4: Twitter   Day 5-6: Instagram Check back soon...   Day 7-8: Snapchat(?) Check back soon...     PRE-ORDER REAL EMOTION: Physical: http://paperroute.merchnow.com/ iTunes: http://flyt.it/PRRealEmotionIT
    Apple: http://flyt.it/PRRealEmotionAM
    This week, we were beyond surprised and grateful to find ourselves invited to an event for Paper Route's label in NYC. We were graced with a couple acoustic songs (which you can see either below or on a live stream playback on PR's Facebook page), some always valued hang out time, and were literally presented (!!!) with special advanced copies of Real Emotion. YOU GUYS. You are in for a breathtaking adventure with this one. We can't wait for you all to hear it so we can all fangirl together. Check out our videos in the meantime!
    Tour season is our favorite season. Especially when it's a Paper Route / Halfnoise tour! Route 1 of the Really Emotional Tour is on sale now! See below (Read more) for current dates, and stay tuned for more!
    Check out the tour page for details and ticket links!
    10.27 Baton Rouge, LA
    10.28 Dallas, TX
    10.29 Houston, TX
    10.30 Austin, TX
    11.1 Denver, CO
    11.3 St. Louis, MO
    11.4 Chicago, IL
    11.5 Minneapolis, MN
    11.7 Pontiac, MI
    11.9 Washington D.C.
    11.10 Brooklyn, NY
    11.11 Hamden, CT
    11.12 Philadelphia, PA
    11.14 Chapel Hill, NC
    11.15 Atlanta, GA
    11.16 Orlando, FL
    11.20 Nashville, TN
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